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Are you ready to embark on an exciting journey within the vibrant MetaDojo community?

Who can apply?

We welcome everyone who appreciates MetaDojo’s vision and supports us in achieving it! 

Why join the program?

On initially joining the Ambassador Program, you will become a MetaDojo Ambassador Candidate (MAC). This role is an introduction phase where you will learn how the community works, showcase your contributions, see what’s involved, and get to know the other candidates and ambassadors.

Benefits upon graduation (2-3 months):

  • Being formally recognized with an Ambassador Certificate

  • A cash reward of $100 USDT (or the equivalent in MetaDojo tokens)

  • Receiving one complimentary Dojo of your own!

  • Early access to and Whitelist for the upcoming MetaDojo token sale

  • Opportunity to work with the team continuously

  • Access to exclusive MetaDojo NFTs

How to apply?

Ready to contribute to bridging the gap between Web2 and Web3? Apply now! Want to find out more? Read here


MetaDojo Ambassador Program Launch Party

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