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Bit.Country Kaosland Cup

November - December 2022

Bit.Country Kaosland Cup

As part of a soccer world cup inspired event, the MetaDojo team has collaborated with Bit.Country to come up with an awesome virtual stadium that is also placed in their Sandpit. In there, You will be able to participate in the #KaoslandCup2022 Selfie Challenge with the potential to win one of 5,000 limited edition Kaosland Cup NFTs. Only holders of these NFTs have the opportunity to win a portion of the up to 500,000 $NEER prize pool! Make sure you follow Bit.Country Twitter and Medium to stay informed.

Atelier Changphel
The Great Pyramid_Background.png

Atelier Changphel Metaverse Exhibition

31 August - 30 November 2022

Atelier Changphel Metaverse Exhibition

Atelier Changphel is a high-end interior lifestyle brand rooted in the culture of Tibet. They value the life and art nourished by the snowy homeland, and strive to pass on the time-honored craftsmanship, fusing the Tibetan tradition with modern aesthetic to deliver premium creations that belong to the world of today.

 “Changphel” in Tibetan means “Northern Tibetan wool”. It is also the precious raw material used by Studio Changphel, the handcrafted Tibetan rug workshop owned by Atelier Changphel. The process of selecting and making Tibetan rugs carries the wisdom of the ancient Tibetan culture and the symbiosis between heaven and earth. In a time when time has become the greatest luxury, they adhere to the pace of purely manual process and closely connect with nature to bring the thickness of history and the temperature of life into every knot of Tibetan rugs through the hands of our craftsmen.

Immerse yourself in some of Atelier Changphel's best collections in the Meta Pyramids. May our creations bring you warm companionship and the passion and courage to pursue life!


Web 3.0
Disruptors Week

25-29 July, 2022

online & in the metaverse

Web 3.0 Disruptors Week

MetaDojo is honoured to be a co-host of the Web 3.0 Disruptors Week, held by Star Consulting and Starlabs Incubator, offers free access to everyone who's looking for inspiration. 

The fireside chats and roundtable discussions explore a wide range of key topics in Web 3.0, such as Why Web 3.0 Matters, the Web 3.0 Mindset, Go-to-Market in Web 3.0, Gaming Evolution, Web 3.0 Infrastructure, FemTech, Metaverse and Related Infrastructure, etc.

Speakers and pioneers from all over the world are going to share their understanding and perspectives on those topics, including Chairman of RockTree Capital Omer Ozden, Professor at Singapore University of Social Sciences David LEE Kuo Chuen, Partner of LucidBlue Ventures Michael Sung and Partner of Draper Dragon Richard Wang.

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